Frequently Asked Questions

What are you currently working on?

 I am currently working on two novels: Soldier, which is the second in the Reflections Series, and Lionheart, which is the third.

 What is Soldier about?

 Soldier is the second novel in the Reflections Series, and it focuses on Aislinn’s best friend Shai, and Breckin’s best friend, Fitz.

 What is Before I Fall about?

Lionheart is the third novel in the Reflections series. It features new characters Mercer and Bellamy, as they navigate their senior year in high school amongst bullying, rumors, and family issues.

 When will ______ be released?

Take It All will be released May 19, 2017. Soldier, the next book in the series is still currently being worked on. Release date is to be determined.

 Whatever happened to Loving Gabby?

 Ah. Here we go. So, I finished Loving Gabby in October 2015. The book caused me both physical and mental pain to complete. I was more stressed than I’ve ever been while writing this book, and the relief I felt upon completion was unmatched. However, after rereading it and preparing for release, I began to find things wrong with it. Consistency issues. Draggy parts. Parts that were too sappy. Parts that weren’t sappy enough. Either way, it wasn’t in the condition I’d like it to be in for my readers. Since Loving Gabby reaches further than the young adult age group, it will be published under my adult persona, J. De La Cruz. You can find more information about my adult works here.

 When will Nickayla’s series be finished?

 As of now, there is a title, and a skeleton for the final novel in Nickayla’s story. However, before I can begin writing it, I have yet another standalone that has to be complete: Madilyn’s story. I know it’s odd, committing to a story about one of the villains, but I promise you, I’ll do her story justice without taking away from the importance of Nickayla’s. Once Madilyn’s story is done, I will begin work on Nic’s.

 Will there be a sequel to Never Let Me Go?

 As of right now, there are no plans to write a sequel to Never Let Me Go. I feel, even though Hayden and Michele’s story ended on a HFN note, everything you need to know about them can be found out in Unbroken, or the final book in Nickayla’s series. However, keep an eye out for possible short stories in the future.

Will there be a sequel to Unbroken?

 As with Never Let Me Go, there are no plans to write a sequel to Unbroken. This story works best as a standalone, and although I know some of you would like to get to know Sabrina and Brody as a married couple, and parents, and college students, and productive members of society, I feel like their story is complete for now. Keep an eye out for possible short stories in the future.

 Are your books available in print?

 Yes. You can purchase print copies of all my books via Amazon or Createspace. A store is also available on my site, where you can purchase autographed copies directly from myself.

How can we reach you?

 I can be reached either on my personal or Facebook fan page, Instagram, Twitter, my website, or via email. All links for contact can be found below.