Nickayla Trilogy Spinoffs



Michele thought she and Brody were going to finally get their happily ever after…
…until he abandoned her on prom night and dumped her a month later. Now, she’s in Big Springs, North Carolina with her two best friends. An escape to a family beach house is just what she needs as she searches for a new adventure and a way to heal her broken heart before she returns to Harlow for her senior year.
Fate introduces Michele to Hayden Jax, a twenty two year old entrepreneur with a three year old daughter. His pursuit of her is flattering and she finds herself falling for him, but she can’t bring herself to let go of the love she has for Brody. When a familiar face shows up in Big Springs stirring up trouble, Michele is faced with the toughest decision of her life:
Will she go back to the boy who’s broken her heart time and time again, or will she take a chance on the one who’s sworn to never let her go?



To find him. To love him. To heal him.
That’s all Sabrina Matteo wants.
When he stumbles back into her life, she’s determined to make sure he stays this time. Convinced that the secret of her past will haunt her forever, she makes it her mission to prove to him how worthy he is of love…even if she’s not the one who gets to love him.
To see her. To love her. To deserve her.
That’s all Brody Durham wants.
When she fights her way into his heart, he’s determined to protect her at all costs. Convinced that the demons of his present will put her in harm’s way, he makes it his mission to keep her at arm’s length…but that proves difficult when he finds himself falling for her.
She’s afraid her secret will drive an impenetrable wedge between them, but it’s not her secret that threatens to break them both. It’s his.